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Prepare your home for a vacation absence

Prepare your home for a vacation absence

The summer holidays are fast approaching, meaning you may already be in holiday mode, packing your beach towel and tracking down the sun cream.

There are a million and one things to remember when going on vacation and in the midst of the excitement, it’s easy to forget you need to prepare your home for when you leave.

No matter where you’re planning on going this summer, Tod Anstee Hancock are here to help you relax knowing everything’s in place for when it’s time to jet off.

Home preparation checklist

The security and safety of your home while you’re away is of paramount importance, as you don’t want to return from a holiday of a lifetime, to a scene of devastation.

To ensure the build-up to your time away is as stress-free as possible, the experts at Tod Anstee Hancock have compiled a list of priorities to ensure your home and belongings remain just as you left them.

Save on your energy bills

A few quick checks and setting changes can avoid your energy bill diminishing your hard-earned holiday fund. To prevent home-grown disasters, disconnect all electrical appliances and turn off your gas and water supplies before you leave your home unattended. Unplug items such as televisions, computers, straighteners and any chargers left hanging about to reduce the risk of potential fires and mitigate any unnecessary energy costs.

If you have a thermostat in your home, you may want to set it to an away program. Most devices will have a feature enabling you to adjust the temperature setting when you’re not home. With a smart thermostat, you may also be able to disable the away mode before you arrive back, meaning you can return to a perfectly heated home.

Clean your home

Cleaning is probably not a priority you think of whilst preparing to go away, but the last thing you want to come home to is food rotting in your fridge and the lingering odour of rubbish from the kitchen bin.

You may not need to deep clean everything before you leave, but a quick run around the house with a vacuum, emptying the bins and eating or disposing of any unused food can make a big difference when you are home from a spell in the sun.

Cancel regular deliveries

Nothing is a bigger giveaway that you’ve gone away than newspapers stacked outside your home or bottles of unused milk on your pathway. Reduce the risk of attracting attention to your front door by cancelling any regular household deliveries. Not only will this help prevent potential burglaries, but it will save you from paying for items you’re not going to use.

Prepare for the weather

Regardless of where you live, the risk of unpredictable weather conditions can rest on your shoulders. If you have a front lawn, back patio or a garden you take pride in, secure any items that could blow away in the wind. For homes at risk of torrential rain, implement a leak detection system that can alert you in the event of any disasters.

Summer weather can quickly turn a lush green garden into an unkempt one. Even a week without rain or watering can turn a grass lawn brown and wither flowers, so if you can’t arrange for a gardener to come in while you are away, set up a well-placed sprinkler on a timer or ask a friendly neighbour to water the plants and beds.

Social Media

Posting pictures from the beach or ski slopes is great for keeping your friends up to date but is also a fantastic way of advertising to the world that your house is sitting empty.

To distract potential thieves, installing security lights that come on at night is another good way of implying people are in the house.

Neighbourhood watch

A simple step to protect your home whilst you’re away is to have a friend or family member keep an eye on your property. Supply them with a spare key and ask if they will give your home a quick visit to ensure everything is in check.

They can put the bins out on the relevant days, prevent a build-up of post and turn off any alarms that may be triggered whilst you’re away. All these things are crucial to avoid alerting potential intruders to the fact that your house is empty.

Check all the windows and doors

While frantically running around packing and cleaning the house, it’s easy to forget all the potential windows or back doors that might be left unlocked. Check all the possible entry points, including any upstairs windows or a side door that rarely gets used.

Preparing your home for agent viewings during a holiday

If there is a possibility you could have house viewings in your absence, notifying your estate agent is recommended to avoid any potential hiccups and help secure a possible sale.

Estate agents can help with any preparation you may have missed before you left for your holiday, including any build-up of post on the front door mat, replacing your bins in case they have been moved during collection and even arriving early to let some fresh air into the property.

Do tenants need to tell landlords they are going on holiday?

If you are renting a property, make sure you have checked your tenancy agreement before you go on holiday. In some cases, absences longer than two weeks may have to be notified to the landlord.

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