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Refurbishing Your Property With Pets in Mind

Refurbishing Your Property With Pets in Mind

As a landlord, you may not be keen on the idea of tenants bringing pets into your property. However, new research has revealed that a pet friendly home is the most desirable attribute in a rental property, ranking higher than the decorative order or outside space.

It’s clear that making your property pet-friendly could be a worthwhile investment. Tenants will usually be willing to pay more for properties that allow pets as it’s a better option than having to re-home their beloved animals. While landlords are no longer able to charge a higher deposit to tenants with pets, you can implement a small increase in the monthly rent to cover the additional wear and tear.

However, it can take a lot of hard work and consistent cleaning to maintain the hygiene and decorative standard of a property where pets reside, particularly in the case of dogs and cats. With the demand for pet-friendly tenancies on the rise, we’ve put together this list of ways to refurbish your property with pets in mind.

Hard Flooring

Carpets can be a magnet for pet hair. Getting it all out at the end of each day can be a challenge, even for the most powerful of vacuum cleaners. Additionally, pet odours, along with muddy paw prints, can build up over time. Carpets will wear faster and eventually lose their fresh new-carpet look and smell.

Hard floors are the better option if your tenants have pets. Laminate, wood, and even vinyl will be considerably easier to maintain than carpets. Spillages, paw prints and pet hair can be cleaned up quickly, and there are no carpet fibres to trap hair and dirt.


Big windows with long curtains can be beautiful. But, when pets are around, they can also be impractical. Your tenant’s dog may innocently brush its tail up against those expensive new curtains, or their cat may decide they like to play with them. This will cause damage to the curtains and unpleasant odours will cling to the fabrics.

Opt for blinds instead, such as roller blinds or Roman blinds. These can be elevated out of reach of pets, easily cleaned and will still look great on your windows.

Leather or Faux Leather Sofas

A lot of pets love to lie on furniture, making them highly-receptive for pet-related dirt and smells. Leather sofas can be wiped down easily every day or as needed. Fabric sofas, on the other hand, can be more difficult to clean. The cushion covers will need to be removed, and some fabrics may need to be dry-cleaned or steam cleaned. And, like curtains and carpets, fabric sofas will absorb pet hair and pet smells.

Walk in Shower

Animals need washing too! It may be tricky for your tenants to get their big dog in and out of the bath tub. In this case, a walk-in shower will make the pet-cleaning process way easier. A clean dog will make it much easier for your tenants to keep your property squeaky clean too.

Think Simplicity

Pet hair can become trapped in nooks and crannies throughout a house. Try and keep the layout, furniture and upholstery simple, wipeable, and easy to clean. If, for example, there are gaps under the kitchen units, pet hair could find its way into those. This could be almost impossible to clean. Make everything smooth and simple, with no gaps where there shouldn’t be.

Reap the rewards of a pet-friendly property

If you plan ahead and think carefully about internal decor, you can open up your property to a growing number of tenants who are struggling to find a rental which will accept pets. Landlords who are prepared to offer a pet-friendly property will benefit from tenants who will be only too grateful that you are willing to offer a home to them and their animal friends! And with regular checks from your property management team, you can rest assured that your home is being maintained as it should.

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