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The three civil parishes of Marden, Compton and Stoughton are a selection of small villages that make up a part of the breath-taking Downland area of Chichester District. These areas are scattered with schools, public houses and things to do making it perfect for families and couples who are looking to relocate to an area that has a true community feel. If you are interested in moving to West Sussex, Chichester estate agent,Tod Anstee Hancock can help. Contact one of our helpful property consultants today for more information.

Living in Marden, Compton or Stoughton

Located north west of Chichester city centre, Marden, Compton and Stoughton are a selection of small West Sussex villages that are situated on the picturesque South Downs. All three of these locations capture the essence of what living in West Sussex is all about, making it a superb proposition for anyone who is debating a move to the region.

The Mardens are well known for their stunning collection of 12 th and 13 th century churches, that were originally built to serve farming communities. These buildings have fascinating histories and are amongst the best in the country thanks to escaping the refurbishment process that many old churches undergo. The St. Michaels church at Up Marden is a particularly good example of this.

Stoughton is a 6-mile-long village that is situated on the South Downs’ southern slopes, which is divided by two valleys that create a V shape at the south of the parish. The eastern valley is actually positioned where Stoughton village lies and is made by the River Ems. Furthermore, you are also able to explore two of West Sussex’s three prehistoric long barrows within the parish, which are presumably from Neolithic date.

Stoughton consists of buildings that are mainly built from flint and brick. Most of Stoughton’s properties are from no earlier than the 18 th century, however there is one L-shaped home that is made from walls of red and black brick, and which has a pair of chimney shafts from the 17 th century. It’s also worth mentioning two 17 th century buildings that are located on the northern edge of the parish, Northwood Farm and ‘Little Busto’.

There are many local activities and events to enjoy in the Mardens, Compton, Stoughton and their surrounding areas, however there are also large areas of untouched, peaceful countryside that you can enjoy, giving you the best of both worlds. If you are somebody that regularly likes to take in the great outdoors, there a variety of different walking and cycling routes in the area that allow you to experience this beautiful part of the country.

Find a property in Walderton Down

When talking about The Mardens, Compton and Stoughton, it is also worth mentioning the nearby hamlet of Walderton. Walderton Down’s boundaries had previously been in dispute and was declared to be in the parish of Stoughton back in 1788. Like Stoughton, Walderton has many 18 th century properties along with a couple that have thatched roofs and 17 th century chimney shafts.

One interesting fact about Walderton Down is a fascinating medieval timber framed property that was rescued from destruction. After being saved, this property was transported piece by piece to the nearby Weald and Downland Museum to be reassembled.

Travelling to Chichester and London

You are easily able to enjoy everything that Chichester has to offer by visiting the city from The Mardens, Compton, Walderton or Stoughton by bus or car. Driving to Chichester from Stoughton is less than 10 miles and will take under 20 minutes, and whilst there are also bus routes to Chichester from various village locations, travelling to Chichester by car from the north is usually one of the quicker routes into the city.

Travelling to London from each of these locations takes between one and a half hours and two hours by car. From each of the villages you can easily pick up the A3 at Petersfield by driving through nearby South Harting.

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